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Samsung Galaxy A70

£ 154.99 £200.00

Blue Samsung Galaxy S9

£ 154.99 £180.00

Samsung Galaxy S8+

£ 199.99 £229.00

Samsung Galaxy A5

£ 44.99 £80.00

Samsung Galaxy A3

£ 39.99 £44.99

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

£ 114.99 £119.99

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

£ 124.99 £129.99


£ 41.99 £60.00

Samsung Galaxy S5

£ 53.99 £85.00

Black Samsung Galaxy S7

£ 113.99 £140.00

Gold Samsung Galaxy S7

£ 117.99 £150.00

Silver Samsung Galaxy S7

£ 114.99 £150.00

Samsung Galaxy S7

£ 104.99 £150.00

Samsung Galaxy A6

£ 67.99 £125.00

Samsung Galaxy J5

£ 64.99 £80.00

Black Samsung Galaxy S9

£ 119.99 £200.00

Samsung Galaxy S9 SM

£ 119.99 £180.00

Samsung A3 2017

£ 62.99 £90.00

Samsung A5 2017

£ 74.99 £85.00

Samsung A5 2015

£ 54.99 £70.00

Samsung J5 2017 model

£ 69.99 £89.00

Samsung S7 Edge

£ 117.99 £135.00

Samsung S5

£ 57.99 £70.00

Samsung S4 mini

£ 32.99 £40.00

Samsung S6 Edge

£ 94.99 £125.00

Samsung S6

£ 64.99 £89.99

Samsung S8 plus

£ 184.99 £200.00

Used & samsung second hand phones available at the Samsung mobiles phones then it is easily available at the Techmanic Store at affordable rates. At Techmanic we deal with the different companies’ mobile phones, Ipads and tablets. We have a huge variety of used used samsung phones, Ipads and tablets.

Samsung is a South Korean based company that is one of the world's largest producers of electronic devices including a huge variety of android based mobile phones. Samsung specialises in the production of a wide variety of consumer and industry electronics, including appliances, digital media devices, semiconductors, memory chips, and integrated systems. At Techmanic, we have a huge range of Samsung’s mobile phones and tablets. Samsung is the name of company which products are high in demand. And Samsung’s products are good in quality. These run and use for a long time period. The samsung phone london are reliable mobile phones and cannot be easily broken down. We have different mobile phones of Samsung.

At Techmanic, we sell buy used iphones. Which are good in quality and we also provide warranty of these used mobile phones and Tabs. Techmanic is the name of the company which is user-friendly and provides every kind of facility to its users. We have a team of experts, who firstly check the used products through its 25-check point criteria. Then we display it after getting satisfied that the product is ready for sale.

Get great deals on used or refurbished Samsung Mobile phones. We have the variety of mobile phones included:

Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB, Samsun Galaxy S7 32GB Gold Smart,  Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 64GB,  Samsung Galaxy S8/Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9/Plus , Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge,  Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy Note 10/Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Samsung Galaxy other

And other mobile phones used samsung london are also available at the Techmanic store. Either you can buy these mobile phones online or after visiting us. It is our guarantee to satisfied the client after providing him product of his choice. We don’t compromise on the quality of the products. Firstly we get satisfied then we display our product to sell.  

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