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Samsung Galaxy A8 ...


£ 94.99 £109.99

Apple iPad Air 2 S...


£ 149.99 £162.99

Samsung Galaxy A5...


£ 44.99 £80.00

Apple iPad 2 (2nd ...


£ 44.99 £75.00

Samsung Galaxy Not...


£ 59.99 £69.99

Samsung Galaxy A3...


£ 39.99 £44.99

Motorola MOTO G6 -...


£ 74.99 £99.99

Huawei Honor 20 - ...


£ 129.99 £144.99

Google Pixel 2 Jus...


£ 71.99 £115.00

Razer Phone 2 - 64...


£ 154.99 £169.99

Samsung A3 2017...

£ 62.99 £90.00

Motorola Moto G8 P...


£ 121.99 £134.99

Samsung Galaxy S7 ...


£ 84.99 £94.99

Sony Xperia 10 - 6...


£ 99.99 £109.99

Huawei P30 - 128GB...


£ 144.90 £149.99

Sony Xperia X F512...


£ 54.99 £67.99

Samsung Galaxy Not...


£ 64.99 £69.99

Samsung Galaxy Not...


£ 194.99 £209.99

Samsung Galaxy Not...


£ 244.99 £259.99

Huawei P20 lite - ...


£ 94.99 £109.99

Nokia 6 - 32GB - S...


£ 51.99 £64.99

Apple iPad 3 White...


£ 47.99 £85.00

Samsung Galaxy S5 ...


£ 47.99 £69.99

Apple Watch Series...


£ 234.99 £249.99

Samsung Galaxy S10...


£ 234.99 £249.99

Apple iPad 4 - 16G...


£ 74.99 £89.99

HTC One M9 - 32GB ...


£ 54.99 £69.99

Samsung Galaxy J7 ...


£ 109.99 £119.99

Google Pixel 3 - 6...


£ 117.99 £169.99

Sony Xperia XZ3 - ...


£ 164.99 £189.99

Nokia 8.1 - 64GB I...


£ 134.99 £144.99

Samsung note 9 Sma...


£ 211.99 £229.99

Apple iPhone XS - ...


£ 334.99 £379.99

Samsung Galaxy Z F...


£ 399.99 £449.99

Huawei P20 Pro...


£ 134.99 £215.00

Sony Xperia XZ3 - ...


£ 119.99 £135.99

Samsung Galaxy J4 ...


£ 69.99 £99.99

Huawei P9 EVA-L09 ...


£ 64.99 £79.99

Samsung Galaxy S6 ...


£ 69.99 £81.99

OnePlus 3 - 64GB (...


£ 59.99 £79.99

Samsung S5...

£ 57.99 £70.00

Samsung S4 mini...

£ 39.99 £59.00

How we inspect the devices

Techmanic guarantees that we sell only those products which are passed through our 25-checklist process.
Once the product got passed through this long process then we display the product into our store for selling.
We display only those products which are guaranteed and have a 12-months warranty.
Our customers rely on us and we have a good name in the market.

  • Accelerometer
  • Back Damage
  • Bluetooth
  • Call
  • Camera Flash
  • Device Charging
  • Dimming Light
  • Earphone
  • Front Camera Photo/Video
  • Front Damage
  • GPS
  • Gyroscope
  • Hard Keys
  • Magnetometer
  • Microphone
  • Proximity
  • Rear Camera Photo/Video
  • Reciever Ear Piece
  • Side Damage
  • SIM Card Reader
  • Speaker
  • Touch Screen
  • Vibration
  • Water Damage
  • WiFi

Grading Explained

At Techmanic, we sell the products which are from the category of “A”, “B”, and “C”.
These categories describe the quality assurance of the product.
The customers, who are buying mobile phones, phone accessories, tablets, iPads, and iPhone, must know the quality of the used product.
That is why we divided the products into different categories.
It will not create any kind of difficulty for the customers while buying any used product from Techmanic.


While clearly a used device the phone will be in excellent cosmetic condition. The front and rear housing will show little or no sign of wear, with only very minor scratches or marks and no cracks present.One would look at such a phone and think “its owner really loved of this thing” or “this phone is almost new”.


The used but original mobile phones will have the scratch but you can see it overall in Good condition. These mobile phones, iPhones, tablets and Ipads are available in good situation. These are vacant in fully working condition. You will receive unlocked mobile phones with 12-month warranty.


This grade “C” indicates that the condition of mobile in grade “C” is lower than grade “A” and “B”. You will get the phone fully working condition. We will give it to you after unlocking with 12-months warranty. But the phone will have some scratches on the screen and with the original chip.

Why Buy From Us ?

AT Techmanic, we provide the best quality original used products at affordable rates.
We have earned good name among our clients after providing them the quality assured products.
We are in the way to beat our competitors. Why you should buy from us?

12 Month Warranty

We offer a 12 month warranty on all phones purchased via the website. Why you wait Let's buy your Phone.

30 days Return Policy

Techmanic offers a 30 day return policy, so if you change your mind or the unexpected happens, you’re covered.

Free Next Day Delivery

We send all of our phones out via Royal Mail Tracked 24™. This means you should receive your phone next day .

Quality Guaranteed

Each phone is tested individually. So no worry we always sell Quality Products in whole Market Guaranteed.

100 % Original Phones

Techmanic offers 100 % Original Phones to our customers. you will not face any problem in mobiles.

Fully tested & Working

Any mobile you will buy from Techmanic is full tested and in 100 % working condition

Customer Service

Techmanic always provides Excellent Customer Service to our valuable customers.

Contract Free

That’s right No Contract! All you need to do is pick a phone on the same SIM network you use now.

About Techmanic

Buy used iPhone UK

Techmanic is a London based registered in the UK company. We have been working for the last 10 years and have a good reputation among our clients. We sell the products according to the choice of customers. At Techmanic, you will find every kind of used phones uk, second hand iphone uk, second hand samsung phones ipad and tablets in london,phone accessories london and buy used iphone london. We sell quality based products. We also sell original second hand phones uk at reasonable and affordable prices. We spend time maintaining our relationship with our customers. Our mission is to bring you complete and fulfilling shopping experience at amazing prices. At Techmanic Shop we like to make sure you’re getting an original and fully working product in guaranteed best prices with 12 months warranty.

The arrival of the second hand phones london, used ipad london in the world of the telephone during the mid-2000s has brought a revolution. This revolution not only comes in the usage of phones but also at a personal level, and professional level. We have become the victim of a modern era that is why it has become a permanent part of our lives. Permanent connectivity has revolutionized our working methods, but also our work station. For this reason, Techmanic has brought for you the original buy used phones london from A+ category to C+. The different categories have different prices.We provide comfort and ease to our clients buy iphone product in used iphone uk.

Used Samsung Second Hand Phones

That is why we sell the products when our clients get satisfied with the product. All of our products, related to other companies and used by other users, are tested and examined with a rigorous 25 point check by our experts. The points including Accelerometer, Back Damage, Bluetooth, Call, Camera Flash, Device Charging, Dimming Light, Earphone, Front Camera Photo/Video, Front Damage, GPS, Gyroscope, Hard Keys, Magnetometer, and Microphone, etc. It will ensure the client that the used samsung phones or tablet he is receive ng, will be exactly what he has ordered.

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