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About Us

Nowadays the use of mobile phones has become common and especially those mobiles in which every kind of app can easily run. The smart phones have taken center stage in our lives. From smart phones to handheld, it has reached surprising levels in terms of power, photo, and display quality. Whether you are looking for a high-end mobile or an excellent quality/price ratio, our comparison allows you to find your happiness. You can sort all smart phones according to your selection criteria of screen size, storage, RAM, processor, sensor definition, and battery capacity.

Techmanic is a London based registered in the UK company. We have been working for the last 10 years and have a good reputation among our clients. We sell the products according to the choice of customers. At  Techmanic, you will find every kind of mobile phone, Smartphone, and iPhones. We sell quality based products. We also sell original used mobile phones and first hand phones at reasonable and affordable prices. We spend time maintaining our relationship with our customers. Our mission is to bring you complete and fulfilling shopping experience at amazing prices. At Techmanic Shop we like to make sure you’re getting an original and fully working product in guaranteed best prices with 12 months warranty.

The arrival of the smartphone in the world of the telephone during the mid-2000s has brought a revolution. This revolution not only comes in the usage of phones but also at a personal level, and professional level. We have become the victim of a modern era that is why it has become a permanent part of our lives. Permanent connectivity has revolutionized our working methods, but also our work station. For this reason, Techmanic has brought for you the original used mobiles from A+ category to C+. The different categories have different prices. We provide comfort and ease to our clients. That is why we sell the products when our clients get satisfied with the product.

All of our products, related to other companies and used by other users,  are tested and examined with a rigorous 25 point check by our experts. The points including Accelerometer, Back Damage, Bluetooth, Call, Camera Flash, Device Charging, Dimming Light, Earphone, Front Camera Photo/Video, Front Damage, GPS, Gyroscope, Hard Keys, Magnetometer, and Microphone, etc. It will ensure the client that the mobile phone or tablet he is receiving, will be exactly what he has ordered.