IPad and Tablets
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Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro

£ 124.99 £145.00

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

£ 329.99 £350.00

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

£ 139.99 £169.99

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

£ 94.99 £150.00

Black Apple iPad 4

£ 69.99 £120.00

Apple iPad 4 Black

£ 64.99 £99.99

Apple iPad 3 Black

£ 77.99 £90.00

Apple iPad 3 White

£ 47.99 £85.00

Apple iPad 3

£ 48.99 £95.00

Apple iPad 2 Black

£ 59.99 £80.00

At Techmanic, we have a huge variety of used Ipads and Tablets. We sell products related to A+ category to C+. Among these categories, we defined each and every product when you visit us or you ask for the query. We sell products after checking our all products through 25-checklist points and then display these at our store.

Every person go according to his pocket and we know how to deal with every client. We sell you those products which are suitable and affordable for you. We sell products at affordable rates.

That is why our customers rely on us. You can choose the product of your choice from the display. We will provide you the same product which is display.

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