Used Samsung Phones And Their Conditions
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Used Samsung Phones And Their Conditions

Used Samsung Phones that we have listed are divided into five condition categories. Since the refurbished cell phones all work technically flawlessly, one speaks here only of the optical condition. With a used cell phone in the "like new" state, you actually see no difference compared to a new cell phone. Anyone who can overlook tiny signs of use will also find offers for used cell phones in "Very good "condition. In this condition category in particular, there is often an excellent price-performance ratio. If you want a particularly  Used Samsung Phones and don't mind small scratches and signs of use, you can buy used cell phones in the condition "Good" or "Acceptable" make particularly good bargains. Real bargains can often be achieved when buying a used cell phone online - especially when compared to buying a new one or when a newer model from the desired manufacturer comes onto the market. Find the best offers for used mobile phones with us.

Phones and B-goods - Like new only cheaper

In our price comparison for used cell phones, we only list commercial online shops that specialize in the sale of used goods. With the help of professionals, these Re Commerce dealers put the used smart-phones through their paces, prepare them professionally and clean them. This process is called refurbishing. The technically flawless devices are then resold as refurbished cell phones. Often used goods are also B goods. B-goods are, for example, returned goods or exhibits, but also new goods with damaged or missing original packaging or slight transport damage. B-goods have no or only very slight optical defects or signs of use, which have no influence on the functionality of the device. By buying used cell phones, you can not only save your wallet, but also make a contribution to environmental protection by conserving resources and extending the useful life of a used cell phone that might have ended up in the electronic waste or at the recycling center . If you buy a used smart-phone , you can save up to 50% compared to the new price.

Buying used cell phones online 

Guarantee, warranty and right of return - these are the three keywords that make buying used mobile phones from professional online shops a risk-free purchase. The experts who work for the Re Commerce retailers subject all cell phones to a professional quality test. The buyer can therefore be sure that he receives a checked, cleaned and technically perfect device, from which all data of the previous owner has been completely deleted. These second hand phones come - unless otherwise stated - without a contract and SIM lock, so that the buyer can use his used phone immediately.

Used cell phones with warranty

When buying used goods from a commercial dealer, you also have a statutory warranty of one year. If the second hand cell phone is damaged within one year of buying the used cell phone, you can complain about the cell phone to the seller. The dealer must definitely make improvements within the first six months - after the six months you have the burden of proof, ie you have to prove that the damage was already present at the time of purchase. If you want to buy a used mobile phone with a warranty, you should only buy it from professional shops.