Used Samsung during this time, the price of a new smart phone
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Used Samsung during this time, the price of a new smart phone

Used Samsung there is several reasons why people buy a used Smartphone. One of them is a principled position. People simply do not want to pay for a new gadget at the start of sales and prefer to buy it, but in a year. Used Samsung during this time, the price of a new smart phone may fall by a third, and in the secondary market it will cost half of this cost. As a result, the savings are very decent. But someone buys an old smart phone just because they like it very much, but is no longer available. Whatever the reason for the purchase, you need to do everything right so as not to miscalculate and not buy something that will only leave you feeling disappointed. 

How to buy a used smart phone

Before buying, you need to choose a smart phone. It is necessary to carefully study the ads. You should not rush to those that offer the lowest price. Especially if it is significantly lower than the rest. There is a possibility that the seller really urgently needs money, but the risk that something is wrong with the phone is significantly higher.

You should also avoid ads in which there are no photos at all or photos are simply downloaded from the Internet. Sometimes such sellers say that they will answer all the questions, but it is better to buy from those who were not too lazy to photograph the device from all sides and described it in detail in the description. It is also useful to check the seller's profile. If he has too many ads of the same type, most likely, he is a reseller, the price of which will be 10-30 percent higher than the device in the same condition from other sellers. If he has many similar ads for the sale of something else, but only one smart phone, then everything is fine. Although he is a resale, he sells his smart phone. This should not scare you off.

The announcements, which indicate that something is broken (and if it is not indicated, but it was revealed at the meeting too). First, why do you need this, and secondly, it can be a sign of more serious damage. If you do not need it, you will ignore it, but such a refusal may be a sign that the phone has been drowned and it is gradually dying. At the time of purchase, everything should work. If you still want a partially working device, feel free to knock down the price, even if you are not going to use the failed element.

Meeting with the phone seller

If you've been invited to your home to sell your phone, that's a good sign. This means the seller is not afraid that you will return with claims. Meeting "at the metro" is also an option, but the likelihood of deception will be slightly higher. The main thing is not to get into the car with anyone and try not to enter the apartment. You never know what.

Be sure to take with you all the accessories that you want to use with this smart phone (headphones, cases, etc.), a SIM card, a memory card, a power adapter (or Power Bank) and a cable of the appropriate type to check charging.