used Samsung buy a second-hand phone
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used Samsung buy a second-hand phone

Is it worth buying a used Samsung phone Surely everyone thought at least once to buy a second-hand phone. After all, it is the same equipment, only already used for some time by another owner. It differs in price often quite significantly. The only concern is in what condition this phone will be received. In this article, we will find out what types of used Samsung phones are used and if there is such a thing as a warranty on them.

Worth buying a used phone  

It is obvious that when deciding on a used phone, we want to get the highest quality equipment. We can of course save even more money by buying slightly lower quality equipment. Therefore, before making a decision about such a purchase, you should ask yourself a few questions

Few questions

For how long is such a phone enough for us.

1.Do we want to be sure that the phone is still under warranty?

2.How much attention is paid to the external appearance -can the used phone show signs of use (scratches, cracks).

3.Do we want to buy a broken phone and fix it for a profit for us.

4.Do we want to buy a phone that will actually be "as new".

These are the most important questions that will help you determine your preferences . These, in turn, will guide us to the appropriate offers. Each of these queries generates a slightly different pool of smartphones for us, with a significantly different budget. So let's take a look at the types of phones used and see if it's worth taking advantage of such opportunities.

How long does a used phone last?

The question seems justified mainly because we should not expect miracles when buying a stimulant. It will be best if we do a private reconnaissance with this paragraph. After what time do we use the phone so much that we want to buy a new one? Some people change the phone every year or every two years. The reasons are different: the desire to have the latest technology, a favorable offer from the operator, bad luck to spoil the devices, etc. However, there are people who take special care of their Smartphone. In their case, a dream would be that even a used Smartphone will serve for years.

The life expectancy of the phone you use will largely depend on

1the length of its use by the previous owner

2the degree of wear of the device

3opinions and tests on a given model on the Internet

If the previous user bought the phone a year ago, has the proof of purchase and has not damaged the case or screen, the phone will indeed be like new. We can then expect from him that if used correctly, the Smartphone will serve us as much as it can. Usually opinions and tests about the phone give it max. 5-7 years old. Assuming that most people break / wear out the phone after max. 3 years. If we can find an offer from a man who really sells us good, undamaged equipment at an attractive price, we are really lucky.

Is it worth buying a used phone with visible signs of use

Each new phone purchased in London has a minimum one-year warranty . If we buy a used phone, the previous owner should provide us with proof of purchase of the equipment. Only such proof, in the form of a receipt or invoice, is the reason for granting the guarantee. So if the previous owner does not want to provide us with such a document, we should again become suspicious about the condition and history of this device.