second hand phones uk dealer or privately
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second hand phones uk dealer or privately

second hand phones uk from dealers are usually a bit more expensive than private sales - after all, the dealer also wants to make money. You will not only receive an invoice for this, but also a warranty and possibly a guarantee. When selling privately, you only receive a guarantee or warranty if the Smartphone is still relatively new and you have received the old sales contract for the purchase. Especially with private sellers, you should not rely solely on the condition description. second hand phones uk when in doubt, a private individual has significantly less to lose than a trader who risks a bad reputation. If you cannot see any photos or only blurred photos from the mobile phone, you should therefore request some that show the device in detail from all sides. : A dealer is the safer choice

Water damage: If the small sticker is colored red, keep your fingers off the device.     

Be especially careful in forums

At retailers such as customers still enjoy a certain amount of protection, even when selling privately, which can be used in case of doubt. However, this does not apply to purchases in forums. You should therefore be particularly careful here and check, among other things, how long the seller has been registered in the forum, whether he has already sold devices here and how and in which topics he has participated. Some forums also maintain a kind of trust list in which buyers and sellers share experiences and evaluate one another. The high risk can also be worthwhile. Since the sellers do not have to pay any fees to or other platforms, the devices are often significantly cheaper. 

Compare new price with used price

Cell phone prices are falling steadily. Especially when a new model is released, the price of the predecessor falls dramatically. But the new version also loses value significantly in the first few months after the market launch, before the price stabilizes for a certain period of time. If you are looking for a relatively new Smartphone, you should therefore definitely check the new price before you pick up a used one.

How to check the condition

If you can take a look at the Smartphone yourself, you should test the device extensively. First, check whether the display has scratches or dust spots. You should now test whether all areas of the display are sensitive to touch, as individual lines can often be defective. If possible, remove the battery cover and examine the cell phone for water damage. In most devices, stickers on the battery and housing help, which turn red when wet. Next, you should check all the connections. This includes, for example, whether the music can be played back via headphones without any problems and whether the battery is charging properly or the charging current is constantly interrupted. You can see this on the loading symbol. The power button and volume keys are also common sources of error.